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Special needs require special skills


We are an online network of specialized sitters that cater to children who are on the autism spectrum and other intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). 

At we believe all parents should have access to finding childcare. Finding a qualified and patient caregiver can be a difficult and frustrating process, especially when you have a child with special needs. Which is why our sitter candidates must meet certain requirements.

When your child has special needs, a typical sitter just won’t do.

And I know this from personal experience.  You need a caregiver who knows how to manage the behaviors and emotions of your child, and is also patient and understanding.  Finding someone who accommodates the needs of you and your child can truly give you peace of mind when leaving your child with a caregiver.  But this type of sitter can be hard to find…. Until now.

Our focus is to find qualified candidates who have the compassion, education and experience that is necessary when working with special needs children.  We find the sitters, you choose who you would like to work with.  We make it simple, secure and affordable.

Our Story

As a mother of a child on the autism spectrum, I get it. My son needs someone that understands his differences and how to handle various situations. He needs patience, he needs compassion, he needs someone who sees him as a child and not just his diagnosis. This can only come from experience and education.

As my son has gotten older, my needs when looking for a sitter drastically changed. I also realized that there are many other parents out there in my same situation. 

There just had to be a better solution for this. I couldn’t find one, so I decided to create this network and community…. welcome to!

I hope we can help in your search for your special sitter.

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Jennifer Frazier

Looking for sitters with the right stuff

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