Doctor Dyslexia Dude

He’s lived it, he’s learned from it, and now he has written a children’s book about it. Shawn Anthony Robinson has turned dyslexia into his superpower instead of letting it take hold of his life. Even when others failed to believe in him, he never gave up on himself and that message is something that Robinson is now sharing with children around the world.   

 You may have seen the new children’s book, Doctor Dyslexia Dude, floating around on bookshelves, but what is it all about? Robinson describes Doctor Dyslexia Dude as a children’s graphic novel/comic book that narrates his academic experiences from being in Special Education starting in Elementary school all the way through high school. He graduated high school reading at an elementary level, but he overcame the adversity and earned a PhD in Literacy and Language. After Robinson achieved his doctorate degree, his wife, Inshirah, helped him turn his lived experiences and parts of his dissertation into a children’s book that is helping spread awareness and share the struggles of his diversity. 

“My goal in writing the book was to give kids hope and to inspire them to continue working hard and know that they can succeed despite their lack of academic confidence (i.e., reading), frustration, and people who put obstacles in front of them,” Robinson said about his book. He is doing just that with this book and is donating 20% of the proceeds to the International Dyslexia Association. You can help him get one book closer to his goal of selling 10,000 copies by purchasing one here. To learn more about Doctor Dyslexia Dude and be the first to know about future books, head to their website or following them on Instagram.

Emma Benner

Emma Benner

Social Media Intern

Emma is a student-athlete at Purdue University majoring in Kinesiology and on the cross country and track and field teams. She has been involved in the special needs community for many years as a coach with Special Olympics Minnesota, and  as a personal care assistant/respite sitter. She has worked in media, marketing, and journalism with various organizations. When Emma has some free time, she enjoys riding horses (she grew up doing barrel racing), baking doughnuts and cake pops (yum!), pursuing her new art interest (wood burning, painting, or drawing), or going for a long fun in sunny weather (her favorite!).