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Do you have an anniversary coming up? Getting ready to send a birthday card? Laura’s Greetings has a wide variety of cards to celebrate every occasion. These cards are created by artists with special needs. The proceeds go to the artists as well as covering adoption fees for children with special needs. You can purchase a card here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates (@laurasgreetingsco). Enjoy the interview with one of the founders, Benjamin Lee. 

What is Laura’s Greetings? 

Laura’s Greetings is a platform to share the talents of people with intellectual disabilities. One way we do this is by utilizing art designed by people with intellectual disabilities. We put it on professional greeting cards that are available for people to buy through Laurasgreetings.com. It all started with a girl named Laura who has Down Syndrome; one of the founders was her government aid, and she realized that Laura had a talent to draw but was often overlooked. At Laura’s birthday party–when people traditionally give her birthday cards–she was giving other people cards she drew! As a team, rather than talk about what needed to change, we decided to do something about it which is how Laura’s Greetings got started.

What is your involvement in the company and how did you get involved? 

I am one of the founders, and my brother was the one who initially started the company and he invited me to come and make this dream a reality. I currently have a lot of different roles, but my favorite part is sharing really unique talents for the world to see.

Who is Laura?

Laura is 41 years old, and she loves to draw. If she is not drawing a card, she is probably drawing on your shirt, on the wall, or painting on something expensive. She loves dogs, and she absolutely loves Zac Efron. I think they might even be in love (according to her)!

What are your goals for the company? What were the goals when the company started? 

Our goal is to eventually be a platform that enables millions of artists to share their abilities. When we first started our company, we had the goal to grow to a point where we were not only sharing Laura’s artwork, but showcasing tons of people’s talents. We also want to raise awareness, educate people through various platforms, and continue to make amazing greeting cards.

Who makes all the cards? Is Laura the only artist or are there others? 

Laura makes some of the cards, and we also work with an artist named Aram who has autism.  We are also creating a submission process so that anyone who wants their art to be shared with the world will be able to submit their artwork and be featured on our website, social media, and various greeting cards.

What is your favorite card that has been made/sold? 

My favorite card is actually the first card that Laura made. Attached below is that card!



Anything else that you would like to share with our community?

Please go check out Laurasgreetings.com and purchase a card! Portions of every purchase also go to helping cover the adoption fees of a child with special needs. We love what we do, and we are very proud of the cards and the artwork on them.


Emma Benner

Emma Benner

Social Media Intern

Emma is a student-athlete at Purdue University majoring in Kinesiology and on the cross country and track and field teams. She has been involved in the special needs community for many years as a coach with Special Olympics Minnesota, and  as a personal care assistant/respite sitter. She has worked in media, marketing, and journalism with various organizations. When Emma has some free time, she enjoys riding horses (she grew up doing barrel racing), baking doughnuts and cake pops (yum!), pursuing her new art interest (wood burning, painting, or drawing), or going for a long fun in sunny weather (her favorite!).