John’s Crazy Socks 


John Cronin is no stranger to facing challenges in life and he knows how to turn those challenges into opportunities. When faced with the decision of what to do when he finished school, John was not excited about his options. Instead of settling for something that he did not love, John saw this as an opportunity to create something for himself and that’s when an idea of starting a business came about. He turned to his dad, Mark Cronin, and said, “I want to go into business with you.” Not long after, John and Mark got started on creating their future together.

John and Mark began to brainstorm ideas of what they could do together. The idea of opening a food truck came up, but they faced a big problem, neither of them can cook. The pair went back to the drawing board and John talked about how he wanted to do something fun and creative. With that, the idea of selling fun, colorful socks was born. Not too long after, they had a Facebook page and Shopify online store up and running. They started their journey of selling socks out of their new small business, John’s Crazy Socks.

John’s Crazy Socks did not stay small for long as the sock orders piled in. They started out only marketing their store through their Facebook page with videos of John advertising the company. The low-key marketing efforts did not keep people away as they had immediate success. The first orders were local and John hand delivered the orders with thank you notes and Hershey Kisses.  Customers were in awe over his kindness and the personalized touch of the delivery and packages. As the company has grown, that tradition has continued, and every package continues to have a thank you card from John paired with a piece of candy.

But why socks? The answer is simple for John, “they are colorful and creative, and everyone needs to wear socks!” Mark also noted that “John had worn crazy socks his entire life, that was his thing. We thought that if John loved fun socks so much, others would too!” John can always be found pairing his fun pair of socks with a big smile as he strives to spread happiness.  John doesn’t just spread the happiness from his own sock designs but also sells socks from other companies. Because the more socks there are, the better!

Through their business, John and Mark hope to spread inspiration as they show what people with disabilities can do. They give back by pledging 5% of their earnings to Special Olympics and they continuously add to their charity partners and hold special events to raise money for them. Down Syndrome Awareness and Autism Awareness are a few of the Charity Partners that John has designed an awareness sock collection for. John and Mark travel around the country taking part in speaking engagements where they spread messages of inspiration, hope, and happiness. The duo never shy from taking on the challenge of spreading awareness, inclusion, and happiness.

You can find socks for just about any occasion and person at John’s Crazy Socks. Whether you need socks with sharks, drums, snow cones, or even a photo of John himself, you can find a pair (or two!) at their website.  Follow them on their Facebook page.to stay up to date on all things John’s Crazy Socks.


Emma Benner

Emma Benner

Social Media Intern

Emma is a student-athlete at Purdue University majoring in Kinesiology. She has been involved in the special needs community for many years as a coach with Special Olympics Minnesota, and as a personal care assistant/respite sitter. She has worked in media, marketing, and journalism with various organizations. When Emma has some free time, she enjoys riding horses (she grew up doing barrel racing), baking doughnuts and cake pops (yum!), pursuing her new art interest (wood burning, painting, or drawing), or going for a long run in sunny weather (her favorite!).