“Three Bunny Sisters” is a book written by three young sisters; Raveena (age 13), Diya (age 10), and Amisha (age 6). They wanted to write this book to inspire other young children to help others. We talked with their mom, Parveen, about the book, their inspiration behind it, and their goals going forward. Enjoy the interview below:

Tell us a little bit about each of the girls.

“Raveena Duggal is 13 years old. She likes to write articles and poems and enjoys swimming and playing piano in her spare time. Just recently, she had  her poem called “New Beginnings” published in Uproar Literary Blog, hosted by The Lawrence House of Arts and her article called “Electrification With Tesla” was published in Refusion Magazine. Diya Duggal is 10 years old and she enjoys playing sports, writing, and kayaking with her sisters. Her poem called “School Openings” recently got published in Uproar Literary Blog as well. Amisha Duggal is 6 years old. She is artistic and loves to paint and enjoys swimming with her elder sisters. All three sisters also enjoy making YouTube videos together for their channel “Toy Kingdom” and also attend Dance classes.  

Raveena and Diya are winners of the 2019 Diana Award for their own charity work, and also won the City of Sarnia’s Mayor Honor List Award in 2018.”

What was the inspiration behind writing the book?

“The girls were inspired by the charity work that they had done for various organizations, including Plan International, the Canadian Cancer Society and their local Women’s Interval Home. The girls had done charity garage sales, bake sales, and also ran a haircut event to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.  The sisters also started their own business called  “Princess Boutique Designs” where they made their own hair scrunchies and handmade soap & bath bombs & body scrubs. They designed their own unique soaps from scratch and also donated some of the proceeds from the sale of these products to various charities. 

After doing all these events, the sisters wanted to inspire young children to help others just as they had done, and also show the power of teamwork. The girls thought that bunnies would be a cute and great way to catch kids’ attention and interest.”

Can you talk about the writing process for the book?

“First, the girls decided on the message they wished to convey to other children. Then they tried to formulate the story based on their own experiences with fundraising but also wanted to simplify it so children of all ages could understand the message. After writing the story, with each of them contributing ideas, they came up with a catchy song that they thought kids would enjoy singing when reading the book. They also drew pictures of each Bunny and tried to think of what each illustration should look like and the matching text to go with each picture.”

Who was most excited to write the book among the three girls?

“The girls were all equally excited to write the book together! They love working together and sharing ideas with each other. Amisha was perhaps a little more excited than the others as the book was targeted to her age group.”

 Who did the illustrations?

“The girls looked through samples from various illustrators and thought about how their styles would match with their story content. They finally chose  Stephanie, a professional illustrator from Tellwell Publishing.”

How did you go about publishing the book?

“The girls researched various publishers and finally decided upon Tellwell Publishing as this publisher gave them the most control over their project. They went through several steps including reviewing the manuscript with a professional editor, working on the design of the cover, picking the colors to be used in various illustrations, and also mapping out the story on each page with matching pictures. Finally they had to review a PDF file of the book prior to sending the book to print.”

How did you/are you marketing the book? 

“The sisters use social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to market their book. They also posted book trailers, a puppet show based on their book as well as a cartoon, and commercials on their YouTube channel. The girls post pictures of their book and various events they are involved in on their social media and have also been featured in their local newspaper.”

 When was the book published?

“Three Bunny Sisters was published on December 16, 2019.”  

 What was the hardest part about writing, publishing, and in general creating the book?

  “The amount of detail to design each page and match it up with each illustration was a daunting task for the young girls. They also had to balance their schoolwork and extracurricular activities with the entire process of publishing. Now they also realize that there is a whole process of promoting their book after it is published as well and this can be very time consuming!”

What was the most exciting part about writing the book?   

“The sisters enjoyed designing each Bunny’s visual appearance and also how they should be clothed. They were very impressed with the final result, as the illustrator really captured the girls’ imagination.”

What has surprised you since it has been released?   

“It has been tougher than the girls thought to get their book out there and recognized. Marketing is hard work, and the sisters are constantly thinking of different and unique ideas to market their book.”  

  What has been some of your favorite feedback that you have gotten from the book?

  “People have really enjoyed the illustrations, but most of all, they have enjoyed the catchy song that is repeated throughout the book.”

  Any plans on releasing another one in the future?   

“The sisters were thinking about releasing another book about the “Three Bunny Sisters” going to a carnival where they host a bigger event and donate more money to Bunnies Give Back.”  

  Anything else that you want to share?

“In the future, the girls are hoping that the book could be made into a cartoon movie and are also hoping to get a television interview to help promote their book and the important message it contains.”

If you want to follow along with updates about the “Three Bunny Sisters” book and the three sisters Amisha, Raveena, and Diya you can follow them on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can purchase their book here