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Each month we will be highlighting one of our incredible provider partners. Specifically those that hire, train, and employ respite caregivers. In addition to our caregiver members working with families independently and being paid out of pocket, we also want to let them know about other paid caregiving opportunities. This is a great way for our caregiver members that do not have verified previous human service experience to gain training and knowledge within the special needs community and connect with families. Respite care is a great employment opportunity, but we do not speak enough about how rewarding it can be! If you are considering respite caregiver employment or are a family looking to connect with a provider, Embracing Abilities, Inc. may just be the perfect fit for you! 

Tell us about Embracing Abilities. What are unique features that set your company apart from others?

Embracing Abilities was started in October 2018 by myself, Traci, and my husband Jonathan Gibson. Jonathan and I have three children two of whom have developmental disabilities. Prior to starting Embracing Abilities I worked as a developmental therapist in the first steps system. I have my Masters degree in special education and applied behavioral analysis and began working with children with disabilities once our daughter was born at 1 lb 3 months early. I knew after having her and soon after the birth of our son, I needed to use my experience, education and voice to support others. Having two children with disabilities and using various waiver services and providers provided a great resource of experiences for us to open our own company that is family centered and really focuses on the consumer and their family unit.

Our program creation and services come from our hearts as what we would want for our own children and also the families that we serve. We understand the needs of families with young children, teenagers and adults. Creating and offering services for all age ranges is very important to us as we know services and programs can be very hard to find.

We have formed many connections with local universities and schools to employ young adults who are in human service fields of study. Bridging the gap for quality providers and families is always a focus of ours.
We have two teams that caregivers can fall into. We have our All-Star team which is made up of young adults in college studying in a health and human service field. These all stars work with families to provide occasional respite care. Our All-Star team members can work with any of the families that we provide care for as they are not typically directly linked with one family. We always have a great need of more all stars to join our team because we have a large population of families they do not have family/friends to help provide care.
We also have our home team which are family or friends of consumers that provide caregiving services only to that family. We employ a lot of grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as older siblings to provide care for the consumer.

What is something you wish people knew about respite caregivers and/or the special needs community?

Often times being a parent of a child with special health care needs can be very lonely. Having others in the community to support you along your journey is vital for the emotional health of the primary caregivers. Respite offers families an opportunity to step away from their demanding caregiver roles and spend time together with their spouse or partner, with their other children or with other friends and family.

What is a tip that you have for caregivers to find the most success?

I recommend that caregivers talk with families that they are interested in providing care for and share their experiences, background and ask questions of the family. Open communication with the family and the agency that they work with is vital to their success as a caregiver.

What are your prerequisites for caregiver candidates?

Caregivers must be 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license and car insurance. Prior experience is not necessary as we provide training and guidance along the way. Often times families will directly train their caregivers so that the caregivers can understand the needs of the consumer the family and the household. If caregivers are interested in working with our specific population they can also work in a group setting at one of our facility classes or a camp. Often times caregivers like working in a group setting where they have support from other peers before working one on one and a consumers home. Our programs do allow small group sessions as well as our summer camp large group sessions.

What are your training requirements?

Caregivers are required to have a negative TB test, be trained in both CPR and first aid, local and state background checks and complete yearly online training. We use an online training system (I-Train) to allow caregivers to complete their training at a time that works best for them versus coming into an eight hour class with limited offerings. Our agency uses technology vs paper so a wireless device or computer is required for submitting notes and documentation of shifts worked.

Anything else you want our community of families and caregivers to know about Embracing Abilities?

I am a mother, I understand lots of frustrations, sadness and the need to find the best care for my loved ones. I often talk to families who are frustrated, crying, angry or any other host of emotions and I’m more than happy to support families who use Embracing Abilities services or who just want to talk to a mom who understands. This can be a very isolating experience and Embracing Abilities works hard to connect with each of our families to provide a top-notch service for all of those that we serve.

Indiana Counties Served:

Bartholomew**, Boone*, Carroll***, Clinton***, Delaware**, Hamilton*, Hancock*, Hendricks*, Johnson*, Madison**, Marion*, Miami**, Montgomery**, Morgan*, Putnam**, Rush**, Shelby**, Tippecanoe***, Tipton***, Vigo**


Waivers accepted

FSW and CIH.

Services offered

Respite, PAC, Residential Habilitaion, Day Habilitation, music, recreational, behavioral and occupational therapy. We have a full-time summer and winter camp in Avon and Castleton. We have a program called the rEAch program that provides small group classes in our Avon and Carmel clinic. Some of those activities are cooking classes, yoga and music, game club, socialization activities, budgeting, etc.

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