Purchase a custom designed shirt to support our founder,Marie, and her campaign manager, Meg, as they compete for Champion of the Year with Best Buddies Indiana!

What is Champion of the Year?
It’s a friendly(ish) fundraising competition between a group of champions. Marie and Meg have decided to take on this challenge and fundraise as much as they can for Best Buddies Indiana.
Marie is the mom to an amazing little boy named Yves, who is on the autism spectrum. Since his parents can remember, Yves has always had a love for vacuums. He loves to watch people use them, he’s fascinated with how they work, and he will ask anyone and everyone “where’s your vacuum?” or “what color is your vacuum”. It is quite the conversation starter 😉 Meg is a junior in high school and has been involved with Best Buddies for several years.
Raise the most money = win bragging rights and a boatload of prizes. The best part?  All funds – 100% of them – go to Best Buddies Indiana!
People with intellectual and developmental disabilities can struggle to make connections on their own.  The need for belonging is essential – without it, there’s nothing but loneliness and isolation.
No matter a child’s diagnosis, they deserve to feel included and accepted.
After all, isn’t that what we all want? But this can’t happen without you. Help Marie and Meg raise money for Best Buddies Indiana and become Champion of the Year! The winner will be announced at The Champion of the Year Gala on November 10th!   Be sure to get your tickets! 
Thank you!