Are you a service provider? Do you accept insurance or the medicaid waiver?



No, we are not a service provider. We are a platform that provides parents and sitters the opportunities and tools to connect and mutually decide to work together. All payments to our sitters are from our parent members directly, not from insurance or the medicaid waiver. We do not employ, endorse, or place sitters with families.



Are you a placement agency?




No.  We are an online platform that provides parents with children on the autism spectrum and other intellectual and developmental disorders (IDDs) and sitters the opportunities and tools to connect and mutually decide to work together. We do not employ, endorse, or place sitters with families.






Do you only serve children on the autism spectrum?




No. Our sitters serve to a wide variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). This includes but is not limited to:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Down Syndrome
  • ADHD
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Behavioral and emotional needs

We encourage transparency about expectations from both parents and sitters to ensure a wonderful working relationship. If either party does not feel comfortable, simply move on to another candidate.



What areas do you service?



Currently we are in Indiana, serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas, Lafayette, and West Lafayette.  We will be expanding to other cities very soon!



What is the cost to be a member?


Parents pay a low monthly subscription fee of just $29.95. Sitters come and go for a myriad of reasons. Keeping your subscription ensures you have access to finding childcare at all times. You can cancel at anytime.

Sitters join for FREE! Our expanded background checks are optional, although highly recommended to obtain. This is a low one time fee of $21.50 and will be the only cost our sitters may incur. Additional fees may occur depending on previous address history and additional county court costs. Obtaining a background check can speed up the hiring process and also gives our sitters preferred listing status on the site.



How are Synapse Sitters different? Sitter requirements?


Each of our sitters must qualify to be a member on the site. We require our sitter members to be currently studying or have obtained a degree within a human service, or have been employed within the human service field. If sitters do not want us to contact their employer or school, they may attach a copy of a pay stub, school schedule, unofficial or official transcript during the sign up process. With permission, we can also reach out to their employer or school to verify. Once verified, they are approved and can begin connecting and interviewing with our parent members.

Parents: Please remember that although our sitters a specialized, they are there to watch your children, not provide therapies.



I'm not sure my experience and/or education qualify me to be a member. How do I find out?


Our requirements listed are a good guideline but we understand we can’t list every single major, degree, or occupation that would qualify a sitter candidate for the site. Sitters may sign up and will be notified once they are approved or denied. They may also request our optional expanded background check, however no refunds will be issued for both current and non members.

How much should I pay my sitter?

We have received feedback that parents typically pay $11-$15+/hr for a specialized sitter. Although we cannot enforce this, we highly encourage sitters and families to keep this in mind when negotiating pay. This pay range ensures we are attracting specialized candidates for our parent members.


How do sitters get paid?


We do not employ, endorse, or place sitters with families. Sitters are paid directly from our parent members. Be sure to discuss how your sitter would prefer to be compensated. Cash is great, but we like the Venmo app. It allows parents to pay sitters electronically and sitters can request money without an awkward conversation.



Do sitters have an age requirement?


Yes. Sitters must be at least 18 years of age.


What age range of children do Synapse Sitters serve?
We understand that your child’s diagnosis will never go away. We allow parents of children and teens up to age 20 to join. We know that during the teen years, a parent may not be looking for a “babysitter” . They may be looking for a “companion” that can take their teen on outings and someone to spend time with. Perhaps, take them shopping and show them how money works or other life skills. From infants  up to age 20, we’ve got candidates that can help.